I keep saying I want to…

Somewhere, deep down I have always wanted to write a book. I always thought it would be fiction because that’s my favorite to read. But I think, at the age of 40 [well technically 40 1/2 today…] I think I could write an autobiographical book on how shitty dating is, thanks to apps / online dating.

Lately on FB dating, there’s a bunch of guys who say they are from the area, but are not, they are from somewhere overseas. They want to move the chat to Whatsapp.

I have been sent so many unsolicited dick pics. Just gross. It seems that a majority say they want something serious / long term, but really they just want to fuck. I know I have pretty much NO self confidence, but I do have a little bit of self worth…

I’ve met guys who are still hung up on their ex wife, and I know more about their ex than I do about them.

It kinda irks me when guys have pictures of their kids on their dating profiles. While I get that they are proud or want to show them off…keep them off the dating profiles, PLEASE.

I don’t know why I even bother with anything in my profile, even the part that you have to fill out, the number one question I am asked is if I have kids.

I had matched with a guy we talked for a while then switched to text. He was sending me pictures of his “gut” I didn’t care he was chubby. He would NOT send me a photo of his face. I asked him if he was hiding something. He got all defensive. He called me a stuck up, shallow, snob because I wouldn’t tell him what kind of undies I wore — as if it was his business. I’m certain he was married and didn’t want to get caught. Which is why he wanted to move to text ASAP then deleted the match on the app. I am shallow… for matching with a chubby guy?

I’m a terrible person because at 40 I do not want kids of my own. Yep, I sure am, medically it’s not really safe for me. Politically it’s fucking stupid to get pregnant right now. And I would need a few years of a relationship before I got to the point of KNOWING if I wanted kids, so I don’t want to be a 45 year old first time momma… Kudos to though are… just not for me.

I could go on… Single sucks, but being lonely is okay than being miserable and in the wrong relationship. Sure Moxie isn’t the greatest conversationalist but she and I share the bed well.

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