Adulting just sucks

I have decided that year 40 just is not my year… thankfully, 41 is only 6 months away but I’m not sure I can endure much more.

The plumbing issue with the master bathroom.

The garage door cable snapping.

The oven fiasco, that I am limping by until I can afford to buy a new oven. Spoiler alert, I tried, and they canceled the delivery twice, so I’m not buying from Lowe’s.

The garage door… again… the cheap plastic hinges need replaced. I have to call to get that set up.

I need Freon added to the air conditioner. Hoping to get that scheduled this week, last night was miserable.

You might suggest I open the windows, well, I tried that last night but now my allergies are PISSED. I did open them last night for about 25 minutes but that was short lived.

I made the decision to cancel my trip to Charlotte for the Scentsy Conference that is held annually because it’s just not smart, financially, and I’m not going to press my luck and make the trek out there.

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