Birthdays are weird

I’m 40…

It seems this birthday has been celebrated all week. It’s been fun. My boss and coworker saran wrapped my desk, and all the accessories on Friday when I was off. It was the best thing to come into on Monday. They even wrapped my box cutter in newspaper and saran wrap, and then hid my scissors and letter opener, so I had nothing!

Tuesday my Scentsy friends got me with a Zoom get together and a fun presentation / slide show with some fun captions, it was the best. Gosh I miss them all.

Today my boss got me a cookie, for breakfast no less, and a coworker brought me in a piece of crumb cake. My mom and Joe had this beautiful plant arrangement sent to me.

Mom and Joe are coming up and picking up Jersey Mike’s subs for supper.

I have this weird feeling of not liking my birthday being so close to Thanksgiving. I have always worked, because many are off work so it’s a rather productive day… and many take the day off, why would I want to collude the day with them! I’ll take a day when others are all working and I can have the day to mostly me. Would I have liked to have gone on a little trip, a girls weekend, of course. But Thanksgiving is near, so I would ruin peoples holiday time. It would be selfish.

It’s weird, while I sometimes want to be the center of attention at the time its happening it’s all weird and I get shy.

I’m going to Tulsa for the one-day Scentsy training that I normally go to Minnesota or Chicago for., instead of driving 3-5 hours [normal drive time] in a blizzard / snow or ice storm that adds an hour or three to the drive time, I decided to drive a few more hours and south where friends will be. The others I go solo. I’m going to add a day or two to the beginning. I’ve never been to or even through Oklahoma. I am excited for a road trip, but that’s not til February.

Anyways, cheers to 40…still single, with no prospects in sight. We’re closing the office 45 minutes early, I’m taking a jump drive of work home, so I guess you could say I’m married to my job… pets are the new kids, you outta know by now that Moxie is my everything, that surgery was the best decision I made. Here’s to giving zero fucks (figuratively, hopefully not literally) giving nosey bitches something to talk about!

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