And there was a diagnosis; sort of…

Finally had an MRI yesterday afternoon at 4:30 and the doc called me at 9:30 this morning: no herniated disc, a slight bulge in one of the discs but nothing that won’t heal itself. There is some significant degeneration in my lower lumbar section of my spine; there is fluid between the facets (joints between the vertebra) and then there is little to no water between the vertebra (dehydrated discs) – apparently this isn’t super great.

I have an appointment with a pain clinic doctor, in a few weeks; to figure out how to manage and live with the pain going forward. There’s a procedure that is called radio-frequency ablation – which basically goes in and deadens some of the nerves. It can last 6 months to a year and can be repeated. I have some major reservation about this but will talk to the pain doctor about it. The nerve meds I am on (also are used for seizures) so I’m doubly covered, will likely be something I will be on from here on out.

Good news, no surgery, bad news, it’s just going to be something in my life. I’m hopeful we can get the pain managed and maybe even gone with whatever the doc suggests. It’s just good to have an answer.

Saturday will be a month since it started. Yesterday felt pretty good, today was better. I’m getting up out of my seat with less pain. I’m walking a bit better but starting out I kinda look like I’ve got a corn cob up my butt and I’m clenching. As I get walking it gets better. Walking up stairs is a tough motion it’s that leg lift that bothers me.

I am not to ride my Peloton just yet — I have the monthly membership out on hold, right now through June 2nd.

The spine doc told me at both of my appointments that she believes in chiropractic; especially if it’s the Gonestead method; which the only two Chiropractor’s I’ve seen, practice that. It just means no tools. She also said that massage would be great. I can choose wether or not I want to continue with PT.

I plan on calling my Chiro and PT to discuss next steps. I’d like to keep with PT; maybe every three weeks or once a month, just so it keeps it in my mind. Yes, I know the stretches and stuff but I think it will keep me accountable. I really like my Chiro so I know he will do what he can or let me know if he wants me to work with someone else first.

I also want to try acupuncture again, since two of the three appointments she focused on my back. My boss also goes there and I love that she has asked my boss how I’m doing! I just feel like I didn’t get to give it a real chance.

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