A sick puppy is no fun

Moxie has been needing to run off some energy so last weekend we were at the dog park both Saturday and Sunday. I thought it was going to be muddy but the colder temps on Friday did the trick to make it not so bad. Not even needing a bath. We were at the park for maybe an hour and a half on Saturday and an hour on Sunday. She was wore out!

She was getting a little antsy earlier this week so I picked Wednesday for her to go to doggy daycare. It has been raining but she can still run off that energy. I got a call about 10:20 that she had puked, but they said it was probably in excitement, she was acting fine. I asked if I needed to come get her, they said they didn’t think so that she was still playing like normal, but just wanted me to know. I asked them to call me back if it happened again and we would go from there. An hour later, they called back. She was puking and it was foamy. She was acting a bit more lethargic. So, I had to leave work to go get her.

I called the vet once I got to my car, but they didn’t have anything available, but would put me on the call list. I got her picked up. She was looking pretty pitiful. They were so sweet and had a rag wiping her face. I got her home [thankfully only a few blocks] and got her in the tub to give her a bath… she needed more than just a quick wipe up in the sink…

She puked a few more times but got settled, so I ran to get some chicken breast. I got that boiled and made some rice and she ate it and kept it down. We took a nap and she did great, no more puking. She was pretty lazy the whole night. She had a few minutes where she wanted to play but she did just fine crawling in bed for the night.

Yesterday I got her to poop, which she didn’t do yesterday so I was oddly excited about that. I kept her out but downstairs yesterday and no problems. She ate the chicken and rice I left out for her. Another poop and she was wild as usual. I was going to finish up the rest of the chicken and rice I had for her because I just thought to err on the side of caution.

Last night was fine, slept great. Until 4:45 this morning, I woke up to her just retching… puking. She did such a good job in getting it mostly on the potty pad. I got that and her face cleaned up. She crawled in bed and slept with me for about an hour and a half then puking again. It’s nasty puke.

Of course we are short staff today, so I had to come in early, already, and need to be here til 5, as the other person is off. THANKFULLY Mom is retired now and only helping occasionally… they have the kids this week.

I called the vet and the soonest we can get in is 3:30, so I’m hopeful that Mom can take her, it sounds like she can. Joe can be home with the kids after school. Then I’ll get home to Moxie as usual. I did put her in the crate this morning to keep her and possible puke contained…

She has the same treats she’s always had, her food is Iams – that might need to be changed. The only thing different is I got her this huge chewy by mistake but it’s a brand she’s had before, Earth Animal. She has licked it like crazy but not really chewed much on it.

She is the pickiest eater so I’m nervous about switching food again… but we shall see what the vet says. I was making it for her but she’s such a grazer that I don’t really like leaving that out all day for her to eat something at 5-8pm that I put out at 6:30am.

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