The downside of working at a children’s hospital.

I haven’t worked directly with the Youth Advisory Council [and Family Advisory Council] for 5 years now. I was relieved of those “temporary” duties that started in September 2008, and finally ended in late 2017… I now just support the back end. I no longer need to go to the meetings which are nights and weekends; set up, help with the food, get the presenters ready, any activities, take minutes, break down. I just support the back end, and it’s amazing.

At the time, even though I am salary, I was only allowed to work 40 hours, so having to work 8ish less hours during the week was proving to be difficult and it always seemed to be scheduled Sunday then Tuesday, the same week.

But I will say, those kiddos who served were pretty amazing and have touched me in ways I never expected. Today, I found out another has passed away. This is the 4th. I realize in the span of time I helped lead the council, that’s a small percentage and considering that this kids were patients, generally pretty sick at one point in their life… it kind hit me hard.

I do not work in direct patient care. I directly support those who do. These meetings were my “direct patient care” if you will. It was a love hate relationship. I loved my time with the kids and their excitement for what they were doing. I disliked how it affected my schedule.

Today… I miss that group. A lot. I miss the joy they would bring me. I miss hearing about their lives. I wish I could check in on all of them and I hope I never have to read another obituary belonging to any of them.

I’ll miss you Mr Chicken Nugget, fly high!

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