Mox update + home ownership woes.

Moxie is on the mend. I was a pretty quiet weekend, but she’s starting to get more and more hyper.

I ran to Kirkland’s in Cedar Rapids yesterday and scored some fun new wall decor, mostly for fall but a few pieces are able to be up year round. I have one more spot I’d like to put something, just not sure what.

It’s behind my dining room table. I think I might just try to find a fun clock that fits the style of my decorating. I just haven’t quite found it.

I’m on the hunt for someone to help with a few electrical projects, small but something I cannot do on my own, nor do I know how to do it. I have two spots I want an electrical outlet installed. One is down from a light switch and one is on the other side of the wall from a blank electrical plate. Both of those things make me thinking it’s ready and can be done.

And… my water bill went from $75-90 to $215! I called the city and they said I likely have a toilet running. If I’m able to provide a receipt for it, they will credit me back about half of it. I just really wish I was a little more handy. I’m able to check and see if any of the toilets are running, but I’m not sure I would know how to repair it.

I just wish I had a guy friend who was handy!

I didn’t get hardly anything done in my garage this weekend because it was so freaking hot, but I’m hopeful to work on it a little each night after work… and then this weekend since it’s a long weekend. I’m contemplating taking Tuesday off, just for an extra day!

Ahh, homeownership, it’s swell. Okay, really it’s not bad, its just that I’m too independent to ask for help.

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