Single digits!

We are in single digits until I close on the house — which means 9 days until you all quit hearing about it! Okay, maybe a month more of new house stuff…

The love seat, ottoman, and recliner that I sold a few weeks ago was finally picked up yesterday. As much as I wanted it gone, I realized last night that I am sitting in my office or on my bed; but it’s only 9 more days. It gives me A LOT more room to move boxes and get them sorted. I am glad to have it out of the way.

I picked up some boxes at UHaul specific for dishes… so the plan of attack this week is to do the kitchen. You know, the room I’ve been talking about doing for a few weeks now!

I did finish up the office, there is a bare minimum left. I have maybe a medium box left to pack in my bedroom, just little things.

The stock paperwork is done, as of Friday, and today it should sell; then I’ll have the money in 10 days. What a process this has been.

The plan of attack for this week:

Tonight: clean the kitchen + do dishes, finish up and actually put away laundry [no love seat to pile it on] EDIT WHILE WRITING THIS — Just got a text that someone is coming to look at my condo tomorrow at 1! Total clean and organization happening tonight!

Tomorrow: might hit up McGreggor’s Furniture and check out mattresses. I need to replace mine, so I’d move my current one to my spare room, with the box springs and everything and be good to go. I guess we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

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