I lived through a drecho, and now know what it is.

It’s been a wild few days. Monday around noon a drecho came through Iowa — essentially an inland hurricane. We had major destruction. Trees down, power lines down, houses in shambles.

We were on generators at the hospital; and I think it finally came back yesterday afternoon here. I got power back Tuesday morning at my condo.

Some news reports say we had 112 MPH winds, another said it was up to 123 a few miles up the road in Cedar Rapids. Just crazy.

Work seems a bit slow; in that I’m caught up and not feeling overwhelmed but usually when that happens, shit hits the fan.

On the home-buying / packing / moving front; I haven’t really packed any more. I have unintentionally cleaned out the freezer and refrigerator thanks to the power outage. I was exhausted last night after not sleeping very well Monday night; so I crashed hard.

I am excited to do some Scentsy work at home tonight after work. I have requested to take Friday off, to tackle some packing, and get caught up on some Scentsy work. My office is halfway packed but I’m finding there are things I need out and some things I do not. I need to find some sort of method for all this and pull out what I truly need for the next 3 1/2 weeks before the move.  I just feel so much in limbo. But if I take the day off, go get the allergy shot and then come back and get to freaking business I can hopefully head into the weekend feeling more productive, and operational.

I think I have the love seat + ottoman, and the recliner sold. A friend is moving his mother to Iowa, and is need of furniture;  I really just want it gone!

Back to the grind.


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