Furniture Shopping

Yesterday was quite productive. I woke up and went to a neighboring town to their furniture store; I wasn’t super sure I would find what I had in mind but I wanted to go look to make sure I didn’t rule anything out. I was glad I went. First, when I walked in and was greeted, the lady was kind but not all up my ass. She told me to look around and she would check back with me.

I wondered through the leather couches and love seats and nothing really jumped out at me, they were all power recline. I didn’t need that. I preferred manual, so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything going out and another cord.  I found a table I really liked, and the price was even better!  It didn’t have a bench seat but she went to look and it was available. I knew I wanted this table.

We walked over to look at the non-leather couches. I saw a few that I liked, one was more comfy than the other, and the color was great. They are La-Z-Boy, so I know it’s a good, well known, trusted brand. It would match not only the flooring but the dining room table + kitchen cabinets. The kitchen / dining / living room is mostly open so I want it to somewhat flow well.

EDIT: the set I found was not in stock, so I ended up buying something different.

She wrote everything down and I was impressed with the pricing and customer service.

After I got home I was confident I didn’t need to go to Des Moines, but for kicks I wanted to see if they had this set; and their prices are very close. I did find that there is another option for the love seat to have a center console; and I thought I wanted that at first, but then decided against it. I’ll get a narrow side table to hold drinks / remote and such. I’d rather spill on the table vs the love seat!

Just waiting to call and place the order – but the stock money needs to be deposited.

I decided to take pictures of my current love seat w/ the ottoman and recliner and list it on FB Marketplace – if I sell ’em before I move, it’s three less things the movers have to move!

I really thought I’d have the mojo to pack some last night but I did not. In fact I was in bed and asleep by 10pm. Wild and crazy Saturday night!

I was up early today and got a good portion of my office closet packed. I still have some more to do but it’s hard because I’m still here for another month and need to very much run my business! I don’t want to have to be opening boxes digging for things.

I tackled some of the linen closet and the vanity in my master bathroom.  I’ve done a great job at cleaning out the freezer. I’m fairly certain that I could pull everything out of there, give it a good wipe down and have it cleaned out for the most part. It’s amazing what you can find to eat in your own cupboards and pantry…


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