Netflix + Books

I am not a monthly subscriber to Netflix; so much so that I got a free month when I signed back up so I could watch a few documentaries to learn about some social injustices. Of course this weekend I get an email Friday letting me know my free trial was up. Naturally, I’m trying to cram it all in now.

Last night I watched Becoming, This afternoon I watched Athlete A, and Kevin Hart’s documentary, now I’m catching up on Season 9 of Shameless. Clearly I won’t get through it all before midnight. So  here I am googling all the documentaries and comedic shows before next month!  I do well with the few shows I watch, and DVR via Hulu. It’s wiser to stick with reading.

I keep track of the books that I read on Goodreads. Every year they have a “Reading Challenge” I  usually set it for something like 75 to begin with then I up it as the months go on. I usually up it 5-10 each time, I’ve got it set at 100. It says I’m still 9 books ahead of schedule, so I’m good with that.

For a while I was paying for Kindle Unlimited by the month, in January I got some deal for a 6-month subscription that saved a little, and saw there was a decent deal for a year, so I re-upped. I have saved quite a bit of money by just reading KU books, and then buying a book here or there. Especially if I opt for longer shipping on some Amazon things, I get a little bit of a credit.  I find enough to read through there and through my library where I can get ebooks!



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