An interesting day off

Even though I had the day off, I still woke up at a decent time. I went to go get my allergy shots, then did a little office work and went to the mechanic to get my oil changed and the air conditioning recharged. Going to see if this works first. I think I’ve had this done  once since I got the Equinox. I know I did with the Impala…

I need to keep track of this somewhere — you’d think I’d have this in my planner or even a notebook or something.

Anyways that took a few hours – thankfully I was able to read on my phone while waiting. It went pretty fast.

I had a call come in just as I was leaving and then it went to voicemail; I was driving. It was the bank / mortgage lender whom I submitted my home loan application with.   My credit score was higher than I thought, and also… I was approved for a lot more than I thought! I put a number on the application and was  approved for $100,000.00 more!

I was pumped! I went to go look at one place, just a drive by. I’ve got an appointment for two showings tomorrow. I know I’m in my lease is for another year, but I’d like  to go see a few places and figure out as I am in there what is a must have, or must not have. I’m not going to worry about the paint on the walls or the flooring. I received some good advice to buy as new as I can, stand by what I want / be picky, and not to settle,

My mom refuses to look at any property if you have to walk up the stairs to the front door. I explained that I’m buying the house for me, not for her. I’m going to buy what I want, not what she wants.

I suppose, now the adventure starts.


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