9 Years With Scentsy!

I cannot believe I have been a Scentsy Consultant for 9 years!

From buying from different consultants, then my college roommate / friend, who I joined under [who no longer sells it] because it’s a safer alternative to candles. Obviously candles + seizures do not mix. After having supper with the friend who had recently joined she never really asked me just had talked about the perks. I went home and joined, obviously I could buy from myself, but I didn’t expect it to go anywhere.

I was very much a hobbyist for the first 5 or so years. I attended the one-day training events, the online meetings and such. I went to the annual convention in 2014 and saw the potential. I’ve not missed one since. I’m bummed this year’s is virtual, however I don’t think in good conscience I would have gone had it been in person, so I’m glad they moved it to a virtual platform.

The fall of 2015 I decided to really kick it into gear, business-wise. I wanted to give it a bit more of a go. I didn’t realize my life was about to be turned upside down with family and work over the next few years. It was the start of losing three grandparents in just shy of two years. It was when we had someone leave our office and the 9-month search to replace her. We were in the throes of building and opening the new Children’s Hospital so I was working extra hours, putting Turbo down. Somehow, through this all,  my amazing customers gave my business the boost I didn’t ever expect.  Also, my Scentsy family was there for me [+ is still there for me] in ways I will never be able to repay them for.

I was able to move out of my tiny one-bedroom apartment into my now 2-bedroom 2-bath condo with a garage*  I now have a dang garage! I was able to sell the Impala, and I bought an SUV. Also great for my Scentsy vendor events! *when I post about money I have to share this: http://www.id.wicklessjess.com

Because of Scentsy, I have met some of my best friends. Yes, Shawn + Em are still my best friends… always will be. But my Scentsy Fam is some of the best. We have made some incredible memories, exploring new places especially since we started this thing of going to wherever SFR [Scentsy Family Reunion our annual convention] a day or two earlier than it starts to have a pool and / or explore day.

We’ve all been very connected through Facebook, texting, Zoom [we used it before COVID!] + the Marco Polo app. We have a few groups, both our team group and a  leadership / growth / education type group.

Because of COVID I’ve spent a lot of time organizing my office, [except the closet, it’s next!] organizing and figuring out what I really use and need. I’ve read some business books. I’ve learned about a new shipping platform, and taught some friends about it. I’ve honed in on a few things I want for my business that I never really took the time to do. I finally had some time to do it, and no real distractions.

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, and the 9 years actually fell on Saturday. I might backdate this post because I’m the boss of this blog! I spent most of Saturday morning driving around making deliveries [no contact!] to customers in the area, and then the same for Sunday when I went home to visit.

Sometimes I feel defeated with it all, when things sell out quickly and I’m at work and unable to order for my customers, but then other times I remember that when things sell out, for example the Summer Collection sold $2 million worth of products in the first day where last year they only sold $200,000.00 total.  What!? We sold 10 times more the first day than last year- where it lasted for what, a month or more!? We had the 5th best sales day in all of Scentsy on May 11th. Not even a fall day! People are at home, they want their places to smell good + I can help them.  Or they could potentially help themselves if they wanted to.  I never thought I’d be here 9 years later, and here I am.


One thought on “9 Years With Scentsy!

  1. And I’m soooo happy you made that choice because I am one of the FAM you talked about! I love you Jess! And look forward to MANY more years as “SISTA’s”

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