I did it; I bought a MacBook!

My laptop has been on it’s last leg for quite some time. My last two laptops have been Toshiba’s and I loved them! They stopped making laptops sometime in early 2016. The current one I have was bought in December 2013… it’s had a good life. It’s had milk spilled on it, it’s been dropped a few times, and who knows what else it’s been there. It often gives me a blue screen when I start it up.  I have been in the market for a new one for a few years now, but limping through with it and making it work. I asked for some money at my birthday to buy a new one and never got around to it. But I finally had enough saved back and bought it this morning!

I still have my trusty old desktop in my office that I love very much – it’s at least 5 years old; and will someday need to be replaced but for now, there was a good deal on MacBook Air’s through the bookstore at work; a $330 savings… so I figured now was the time to jump on that!

I know there are a lot of people who are anti-Apple products, but I’ve had an iPad for years, and before I switched to an iPhone I was buying an app on both systems, it was silly, so I got an iPhone. It seems like the next step would be to get a MacBook, so that’s what I did. I saved for it for quite some time — like nearly 3 years!

I am excited. I know it’ll take a little bit to figure it out as most technology does but it will give me something to do over the weekend; whenever it comes in. I know the UI Bookstore is closed currently but they are still processing orders.


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