I wrote her a letter

I realize I left everyone hanging. Given the information I had from early June; I decided that I was going to write my birth mother a letter. I did; and decided I needed to take it to the post office and mail it so I didn’t chicken out and pull it out of the outgoing mail. I put it in the mail June 9th something like 10 PM. I made an email address that didn’t have my last name it, just for safety I suppose. It’s now been a month and I’ve not heard anything.

I was anxious for the first week but now I know she’ll email if she wants to, it’s a lot to take in and process.

I feel like if she chooses to contact me it’ll come when I least expect it. The handful of people I have told have asked me if I’ve heard from her; which I think is awesome that they are asking; but some days, I honestly don’t think about it.  I know this sounds bad but it’s just what I am kind of used to…   Time will tell, it’s in her court. I’ve done my part and I feel oddly at peace with it all. Everything else that may come will be a bonus.




2 thoughts on “I wrote her a letter

  1. Jess, There seems to be a call, a natural urge, in all humans to comprehend and fulfill past traditions of family, nation, culture and religion and a belief that knowledge of ancestry and genealogy is an inalienable and entitled right of every person. When this information is not made available for adoptees, it is only through our dreams, clairvoyance and perceptions of a higher consciousness that we learn to build up our self-image and get to know and understand ourselves. Ultimately, the crushing emotional pain of separation is so formidable for some individuals that it can only be shared with God. Judith


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