It’s just not fair

I’ve never not known Nick and his brother TC. Nick is a year older than me and TC is Luke’s age. Our parents are friends, close friends. We grew up together. The boys later lived in a huge [gross, stinky] bachelor pad apartment in college. Luke and Nick grew very close, brothers.

In high school, Luke dated and later became engaged to Kate. The wedding was called off a few months before, and that was that.  In their time of dating Kate had a younger sister, Maggie, and later Kate and Maggie’s parents welcomed a third, daughter Ava.  Even though Luke and Kate broke up, our families were cordial, and we saw a lot of Maggie. She worked for us as a bartender at the bar.

Fast forward a few years, Nick and Maggie began dating and instantly fell in love. They were PERFECT for each other. They were married, had a beautiful daughter; Sloane. Who my niece and nephew love as a sister.

Luke and Jill [sister in law] and Nick and Mags were best friends, both of them and as a couple. I would even say, inseparable.

In October 2017, we found out Maggie had a very rare cancer that I don’t even know the proper spelling of – bile duct cancer. She was given something crazy like 3-6 months. Jill and good friend Amber threw one hell of a benefit that the WHOLE FREAKING TOWN attended; it was a beautiful thing, our community.

She went through chemo, and trials, and over the weekend was brought home from Chicago – where she was with her sister and in another cancer trail.  She went into a hospice house, and we knew her time was coming to an end.

This week between Mom, and Luke we’ve been texting; every morning and evening to see how she was doing. She was very weak, sleeping a lot. At lunch today Luke told me it was a matter of hours.

Mom texted me about 45 minutes ago to let me know she passed. She was funny, beautiful, smart and sassy. The best thing was she was perfect for Nick, and Nick perfect for her. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Nick so happy. They were meant for each other.

In the days that come it’ll be trying; not just for Nick and Sloanie, but for my brother and sister, which I’m certain my sister in law promised Mags, she’d make sure Sloanie had a momma figure in her life.

The news hasn’t really been shared much, but I just had to write and get it out.  She sure touched many many many people’s hearts. I’m not even sure how to process it all.


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