A change up.

The election is over. Living in Iowa, we’ve been facing stumping, campaigning and all this for nearly two years. Just as the media outlets were, I’m not really sure anyone really thought we’d see the election results we did; but Mr. Trump is President-elect. I own and run a pretty successful Scentsy business, so if you know me in person, you probably know my political views. I try to keep that off social media (and offline in general) and really I try not to talk about it, in general.

In other news it’s been two full weeks since transitioning my meds from 10pm to the morning, in order to see if that might help with sleeping, and it’s crazy how in only two weeks, I feel like it’s a complete change for the better. Sure I still feel like my name should be Stress Parizek, but I’m waking up better with my alarm, on weekends I’m waking up much earlier than normal, because I’m not completely exhausted. Who knew? And why the heck did this change not happen years ago, for all the years I’ve been saying sleep has been an issue?  I know that the efficacy of the drugs is working for me when I take them, and doing their thing, but I’m noticing some things. My headaches are non-existent these last two weeks. My appetite is gone – which is a side effect. [One I will love!] Obviously when I was taking it at 10pm, it was strong at night when I was attempting to sleep, which what good does it do then? I’m feeling much more rested, because I’m actually sleeping. it is a great feeling. I’m wondering if this might just be what I needed.

I often make goals / plans for my birthday vs the new year; and that’s coming up much faster than it seems; not quite two weeks away. I’ve decided I will try to see the positive in anything, and I will make time for those who make time for me; this is a bit two fold; even though I’m pretty dang swamped at work – working more hours than the normal 40 hours a week; and fall is busy time in Scentsy land, I need to make time to connect with family and friends. If they don’t want to connect back, that’s their loss.

I’m done being bent out of shape not hearing from people for months, when they aren’t willing to put time in either. We all have the same 24 hours.

I will leave you with the quote I just posted to Facebook and Instagram

Where words fail, music speaks.



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