Work hard to go farther – Zach DuBois

Work has been trying, emotionally exhausting, and overall draining. This last week all but kicked my ass. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the verge of tears at my desk as much as I was this last week. And I kinda feel like it’s only the beginning. We are at 54 days until “Day 1” moving into the new Children’s Hospital. We had a large nation-wide hospital survey come a few months ago, we had some citation, and had 30 days to fix them. Tomorrow is the earliest they can come back, so we are expecting them then. Then 30-45 days after we open the new Children’s Hospital they come back.

Tension is high, the new gal isn’t quite up to speed (or even at 1/4 speed) at purchasing, in fact she does like 1/10th of it; and it’s basically doubled. I’ve spent a few nights traveling 50 miles round trip to do some shopping, and will likely have to do it again.

On top of all this, I’ve had issues with my internet since Wednesday night; after 15 hours on the phone over 3 nights, a tech being here for an hour Thursday night from 8-9, and then a few hours on Saturday; the purchase of a new router (which I can return) all it took was taking off the router for some time, and plugging it back in.

I have never been more excited to see the neurologist in 10 days because all of this has the making of a seizure. And frankly I’m terrified.

Here’s to the next few weeks being calm. I have no plans for some time off until maybe March if Shawn comes home, but maybe Adam and I need to take a long weekend…

Pinterest has a lot of quotes about working hard, and being tough; or only being given what you can handle and someone must think I’m a badass…

I’m totally jealous of my brother and his family being at the condo in Siesta Key, but he’s been a sweetheart and is not only texting me  but sending me pics too. we might not talk often, but he always has the right thing to say or texts when I need it most. But you know, that’s what siblings do, and it sure made my heart happy.  This comment on the post below is what I needed. I really am lucky to have such an amazing guy to call my brother.


I’m going to leave you with my mantra from the last few weeks; from a great artist and someone I’m proud to call a friend Zach DuBois’ song Work Harder “If you want it and your willing and your able, work harder to go farther” true words.

Work Hard Music Video 

Zach DuBois – Facebook

Give his Facebook page a like, check out his music, he’s the real deal my friends. The real deal.


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