Home from Scentsy Family Reunion

Another awesome time at the annual Scentsy convention or as we call it Scentsy Family Reunion. It was conveniently in Nashville this year!

I went down a bit early and spend the weekend before with Shawn and Jaiden. Then Monday I picked up my friends / teammates, Amy and her husband JP. We ran a few errands, got checked into the hotel / conference site – the Gaylord Opryland. I had never been in it, just around it, wow its beautiful and huge!

Tuesday morning I was signed up for the Bands on the Run 5k with live music, but the temps have been in the mid to high 90’s and I decided I didn’t want to “die on vacation” so I sat it out. I still got the t-shirt. We thought we had a free day Tuesday but we kept ourselves very busy until opening night at 6pm; then after that we headed to the Grand Ole Opry for our PRIVATE concert! TG Shephard, Del McCoury, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. It was a great night.

Wednesday was packed full of fun, a great speaker; Mel Robbins – look her up; she’s great. I celebrated 5 years with Scentsy in May; so I, along with 660 other consultants was able to do the 5-year march across stage. I love how much they recognize us. Heidi and Orville the President / CEO / Owners of Scentsy gave us hugs and wished us well as we marched out.

We had a free night as half of the 8000 went to the Opry Tuesday, the other went Wednesday; so we decided to head downtown. I roomed with Dusty last year, she’s in my group; and I had met Wendy a few years back at a single-day training called Spring Sprint (now called World Tour); she’s from the Quad Cities, we actually flew to Vegas together last year.  We had a great time; dinner at the Wildhorse Saloon, swung by Savannah’s Candy Company for their famous gophers (in Iowa, we call them turtles) and back to Wildhorse where we had an amazing bartender for the rest of the evening.

Thursday was once again filled with training. A handful of us on our team had lunch together; Dusty is from down by Baton Rouge, LA; Chris and Meagan are from near LA, and Amy and JP are from the Oklahoma City area; so we had some interesting conversations about everything. It’s so fun to connect with people face to face when we normally connect via Facebook. The night ended with our Awards Night; this is where highest ranks are called out / walk across stage, Annual Mentor, Annual Sales are awarded. They announced our Incentive Trip; the top-tier is an all expense paid trip to an African Safari! But the two levels below are an all expense paid trip to Punta Cana (then +1) and below that, free registration to our next Scentsy Family Reunion; which they announced is in Kansas City! Another close one that I can drive to!

I drove home Friday after sleeping in til about 10, and headed out. I didn’t hit much construction or trouble on the way home and was back by dark.

Last night I went up to Adam’s to hang out, now I’m home adulting. It’s weird to have come home from vacation on a Friday but it’s been nice to ease back into real life.

I thought I had my place picked up before I left, but it seems like it’s a mess… but packing and unpacking is a mess!

I always come back from Scentsy Family Reunion pumped for my business and I want my office to be completely clutter free…. it’s a work in progress.


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