Seizure at JB’s 4/19/06

*This was previously in a private journal; I’m posting here for reference.

Went to work (at JB’s) as normal, everything was going fine. In the afternoon, Mom left to go get our cell phones fixed and Luke went home for the afternoon as usual. Shawn and a friend of hers came in to have a pop; I remember talking with them, getting them a pop. I woke up in the bathroom puking my guts out. I looked up, saw Dusty (my friend that’s a cop in town) and the person next to me was a family friend who’s on the WL Ambulance crew. Apparently I was sitting in a bar stool, fell off because I was having a grand mal seizure I didn’t know who anyone is, and I don’t remember it. I hit my head pretty hard. My eyebrow about my left eye is all swollen and that brow bone might be broken. I went to the UIHC Emergency room, and they confimed it was seizure activity. I have to call to make an appointment with my Neurologist. One week more and I would have owned my car for a year. I will more than likely be loosing my licence, and be put back on my Anti-Seizure medication. Probably Topamax like before.

I woke up a little more in the ER after having a CT Scan, blood work and all that, and they said my friend was there. Sue and Jerry came up. They said Sue’s mom heard the call on the scanner, and so did Rick. It’s so nice to have awesome friends like that.

Shawn came over tonight, she said she was scared because she figured I was seizing but didn’t know what to other than get me on my side so I didn’t puke and swallow it.

Pretty eventful. Although I cannot remember most of it.

I’m fine for the most part, very sore from my body seizing. Although I’ll more than likely be selling my car and loosing my driver’s license. Not exactly what I had planned.



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