just another day.

It’s busy time at work. Budget and end of fiscal year is creeping up. Thankfully there’s not a whole lot of purchasing happening like we used to do. But it seems like more and more I’m called upon for budget stuff. It makes me feel proud and glad to be part of it. It’s also hard because I’ll be in the middle of something get a phone call and everything stops until I had this info they are requested, provided. Throws a wrench into things.

I will be glad when it’s just the regular chaos of the day.

The other night after work I wanted to make a frozen pizza, so I turned on the oven to pre-heat and it locked when I opened it. I didn’t touch the self clean button, nothing. My cousin helped me get it open, then it locked again. We tried it about 18 more times. You have to use a screwdriver. I finally caved and decided I wasn’t going to mess with a screwdriver overtime so I bought a new oven. I’m waiting for it to be delivered. 12-4. It’s currently 2:30, and still not here.

Of course I was hoping it would be here so I could go back to my optical center and get my new glasses checked out. The prescription in there is just not working. I’ve been in my old glasses now for a few weeks. I’ve tried the new ones a few times. Once for 4 days and ended up with a terrible migraine. The second and third times I tried for a full day each with no luck. I think it’ll just be that I need to go into work late and go there first. I’m guessing the oven will not be delivered here in time today for me to get out there before they close.

I was looking forward to a massage appointment on Saturday but called to make Moxie another vet appointment. She’s been on allergy shots since February – she’s had two now. We were not doing well on the daily pills. It was traumatizing for both of us. Well, she’s licking like crazy. I think I’d rather hear her puke than the sound of a dog licking. So they had an appointment cancel at 10:30 and my massage was at 11, the next available wasn’t for 2 weeks… so I canceled the massage.

I feel like this is ironic, I got a Bichon mix because Turbo had so many allergies… Moxie was a little darker when I got her as she has gotten older she’s gotten lighter… I still do not think she’s got it nearly as bad as he did.

Anyways… nothing new, wild, or crazy to report. Same shit, different day. Dating apps are still a joke, married men are still lying on there, or guys are claiming to be ENM (ethical non-monogamous) don’t worry I had to Google it too.. but chances are they are just cheaters and their significant other doesn’t know…

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