I suppose an update is due. Attempting to date via the apps is still trash. Matched with someone, met and I’m just not sure it’s a match. Maybe I need to take a break again… single isn’t THAT bad.

We had some pretty gnarly weather yesterday. Thankfully we got to leave work early. I left about 3:15 and got home by 4ish. Immediately gave Moxie a chill pill and got her walked… and it was only about 20 minutes later the sirens went off. And they continued to go off. There were many super cells — smaller ones — but they said that is worse than one big one. We had been hearing from the news about this system for a few days. They did a good job of alerting us.

Mox and I hunkered down in the main floor powder bathroom. We hung out there for about an hour. I had Moxie’s bed in there, a few blankets and throw pillows from the couches. It was kinda tight but I kept the laptop on the toilet and was able to lean against the vanity. I had my shoes on. Moxie was pretty out of it, and chill.

My neighbor was on her deck watching, it got pretty close. Later in the evening, my next door neighbor was traveling to Detroit but he sent a text to check on Mox and I. So sweet of him! He had to go shelter at the airpot!

It’s a weekend of relaxing. I have been struggling to sleep. I tried to nap this afternoon but couldn’t fall asleep. I’m hopeful when I see the doctor in a week and a half, that I can up the sleeping meds.

Today I got some laundry done, while Moxie was getting groomed, grabbed some groceries, and now I am just watching a little TV.

No real plans for tomorrow, so I think it’ll be a day of reading, TV, and napping.

I am contemplating selling my Peloton. I was talking with Luke, I’ve been riding it pretty consistently, and not seeing any progress. I think I could put the $ towards a gym membership, or at least try it out. Luke said he might be able to help me with selling it. That would be nice. We shall see.

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