Life is feeling less overwhelming.

Just as the title suggests, life is feeling a little less overwhelming. I’m good with that. Here’s a recap…

Early in February, shortly after my last post, I was just getting home from work and taking Mox out. I shut the garage door and heard a loud pop and bang. Turns out, the cable and spring broke… Mom and Joe tried to come up and help but we needed professionals. Luckily a good friend of the family owns a garage door repair company, and was up the next day. So that first week of February was expensive with the master bathroom plumbing issue being fixed and now this.

I went to Tulsa mid-February for a long weekend.A handful of my Scentsy team is based in Oklahoma / Texas. We have a one-day graining each spring so I opted to drive a few extra hours and go to Tulsa vs north to Minneapolis or over to Chicago… And I’m glad I did. The day before I left we got smacked with a foot of snow… I drive down to Tulsa and it was a nice drive and it was 60 degrees there! We had a great time it was just the reset that I needed. I had met up with Heather and Kendra last July, but I hadn’t seen Amy since 2019 before covid… so it was the absolute best to hug her and hang out with her. Luckily all of us are very connected with social media and Amy and I chat at least 4 days a week through Marco Polo. I took the day off after I got back to catch up, an it was perfect becuase I had a lot of errands to run.

I had to have labs done again – in January they showed my kidney levels were out of whack, and they still were after the bloodwork I had done after I got back. Which resulted in me having to stop taking Metformin [that I was on for weight loss] and a renal ultrasound. Kidneys look fine, but I do have a slightly enlarged spleen. My regular doctor was leaving the practice, and it’s not much of any concern… but I do have an appointment soon to meet with the new doctor, discuss the spleen issue, and next steps for something else for weight loss. It was kind scary for a while with the kidney stuff but glad it’s not an issue.

I got back to work and the new employee had started, and now it’s been 3 weeks and she’s awesome. She’s learning quickly, isn’t afraid to try things on her own before asking for help. It’s been so incredible. I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders work-wise with that. I don’t feel like it’s a burden to train her — and she came from outside, so it’s ALL new to her but she’s doing amazing.

Therapy is going well. I’ve still been doing telehealth, which will likely continue through March, then we can go into the office. I’m still going weekly for a while, hopefully we can do every other week. Moxie started on allergy shots just before I left for Tulsa. They can be needed monthly or up to three months, and they cost LESS than her daily pills were. Which was traumatizing for both of us to get her to take them. A win for both of us. She does SUCH a good job with shots. The only time she ever whimpered was the first ones she got when I first got her…

Last weekend I organized and purged the spare bedroom. The closet was kind of the dumping ground for things that didn’t have a spot. I got rid of a lot of stuff. I would like to tackle a few other places around my house prior to the spring clean up day at the end of April, should I need to get rid of anything big.

I have a file cabinet I would love to sell or at least get rid of… but I think I’m going to need help getting it downstairs. I’m not trying to be a minimalist, I could never, but I really want to think about what I am keeping and such.

Mox and I are hunkered in for the rest of the weekend. I have the house mostly picked up. Tomorrow I could do a few loads of laundry. I need to reset the keypad on my garage door and put a new lightbulb in the light at my front door, I didn’t get around to that today and now it’s dark.

Next on the things to do list, is get someone here to look at my fireplace. I know it’s nearing the end of “fireplace season” but I want to get it working. I can light the pilot light and it’ll work for that night, but it doesn’t stay lit. I’m just hoping its not too expensive… maybe I should hold off til the fall.

I need to save a little for the annual Scentsy convention in July. It’s in Charlotte and I’m driving. Gonna detour a bit on the trek out there and stop in Nashville for a day or two. It’ll help break up the drive out. We have a beautiful Air B&B booked. It’ll be nice to pack extra stuff and not have to worry about luggage and outrageous flights. I don’t mind driving.

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