Therapy and thoughts

I saw a therapist on Tuesday. Well, via telehealth because the place I chose to be a client of had a pipe burst when we had the bad weather over Christmas. I was matched with her. I read her profile and really liked what I saw. In the hour we spoke, I am going to love her.

We talked about so much, but only grazed the surface. I felt so validated. Dad, my bio Mom, past relationships, Scott [she even said I was lighting up when talking about him] from the little I told her about him… she thinks I am “a chaser and I need to sit back and wait”. [sidenote: I’m not writing it off yet, I think it’ll be a while before I do that… my heart just isn’t ready, and I’m sure the hell not going to move on]. She also thinks I need to write another letter to my bio Mom.

I am looking forward to more. I know that there will be times I won’t come away feeling happy, empowered, and ready for more, some sessions will be hard, taxing, all the things but I welcome it. It is going to be so good for me.

This is the year of a healthier Jess. I somehow managed to loose nearly 10 pounds since my first appointment with my doctor 2 months ago, over the winter holidays… although I’ve always been able to keep my weight pretty steady. I’m pumped for that… slow and steady. Maybe a littler slower than I’d like, but 5 pounds a month still isn’t bad… if I could keep that up… I’d pretty damn close to my big goal.

3 thoughts on “Therapy and thoughts

    1. Thanks — the weight loss is a big work in progress. I share more of the weight loss journey at

      My first therapy appointment was telehealth was circumstantial. They had a pipe burse over Christmas, so until all the repairs are done sounds like it was pretty bad, it’ll be at a temporary location / telehealth mix until their space is complete.


  1. Hi Jess! Thanks for sharing your other site. I just read a few of your posts there, and it sounds like you’ve definitely been working hard on your health goals and with strong results! I really appreciate your honesty about your journey. Thank you for sharing! ❤️


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