Being a uterus owner is weird.

I had a tube removal surgery [no one knows what a salpingectomy is] a little over a year ago and they took my IUD out. My period came back about a month after the surgery and has been regular since. I have been very lucky in that it’s only a few days, the cramps are minimal; though I’m guessing that as I get older that will get worse. My gyno even said so.

That said, the last three months or so, a few days leading up to the start of my monthly visitor my emotions are fucking wild, to put it lightly. Wednesday I was overwhelmed with the job I’ve picked up since someone left and let my emotions get the best of me, on the verge of tears at work…

Thursday morning I noticed my fancy electric toothbrush, that I later found out is about 7 years old, wouldn’t work. I didn’t think much of it, grabbed a toothbrush from the dentist out of the package and brushed my teeth for the day. Went about my day. Last night about 7:45 I went to brush my teeth so I would keep from snacking the rest of the evening, and the toothbrush wouldn’t work again. The light wouldn’t work, it was plugged in, the brush head was on correctly. Nothing. I broke out in an ugly cry on the floor in my bathroom and lost it for about 5 minutes.

I couldn’t shut my mind off to sleep last night. Finally Scott texted something that helped me chill the fuck out and it helped me actually fall asleep.

This morning I laughed with coworkers about the toothbrush incident. The irony is, earlier this week I had Mom buy me some refill heads from Costco because I no longer have a membership as it was tied with the business she sold nearly a year ago. I’ve ordered a new toothbrush, and the refill heads will fit.

I realize this is all menial in the grand scheme of things… but a weekend home with no plans [not like many others] but just getting some cleaning, purging and Scentsy work [mostly planning for the year ahead] is just what I need. And probably napping.

3 thoughts on “Being a uterus owner is weird.

  1. I feel for you! I’m in peri-menopause, and I guess have been for like 3 years now? And while it isn’t all of the time, many times now my emotions are a rollercoaster! I never really had anger as a hormonal emotion before …well, I do now. Or like you, just feeling overwhelmed on the brink of tears or I’m actually crying. I’m ready to be in menopause already. I’m still flabbergasted that there aren’t any better options for women as we transition than we’ve had in the last 40 years. Take care!

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    1. I’m anxious to speak to my doctor about this. I see my regular / general practice doctor Wednesday, but won’t see the gynecologist until November. I’m not sure if there is a test they can do to determine if it is indeed perimenopause so I would at least know that’s what it is. Or what. But I’m going to ask. It’s brutal.


  2. Hi Jess, I see an integrative doctor for chronic illness and she tests the levels of my hormones periodically (blood tests). I’ve tried estrogen patches and oral progesterone at various times. It sounds like it’s pretty tough to figure it all out since the hormones seem to fluctuate so much during this transition time. My gynecologist hasn’t been much help at all. At one point, she asked if I “wanted” a hysterectomy, like it was one of the options….it was weird! Anyway, I’m definitely not doing that unless it’s medically necessary. I hope you can get some support. I’m reading the Menopause Manifesto and it has a lot of good info in it. There’s just not much out there for women experiencing the change. Take care!

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