and just like that December is almost over.

December has been a bit of a rough month. Earlier in the month My master bathroom shower is leaking into my dining room. I currently have a hole in my dining room, the plumbers will be back in February [I told them I could wait!] to replace some pipes. Thankfully I have another full bathroom.

A week and a half later, I was up about 6:35 in the morning taking Mox out to potty. I had the light on in my garage and was a few driveways down — and saw someone in my garage! All I could think to say was EXCUSE ME. He bolted quickly the opposite direction of me. I hurried and got into the garage, shut the door, locked the entry into the house. Looked out the back sliding glass door, didn’t see him at the guest parking area. I had to get ready for work so I locked Mox in the bathroom with me.

It wasn’t until I was pulling out that I realized my passenger side door was opened, he tried to get in there. Mom couldn’t get into my garage via the keypad that night [I don’t know if she tried the code too many times or if the guy messed with the programing of it] so it need reprogramed. But.. it’s not the batteries.

I have a wired camera in my garage now, mounted. Shawn’s brother Chase is going to hopefully help me install a wired camera near my light on the outside of my garage. The battery camera I have had up a year has had the batteries changed 3 times, and of course it was dead when this happened. It’s a pain in the ass to change, so I’m going to just get rid of that camera. But the weather has to cooperate!

Moxie had a vet appointment earlier in the month. We were going to try taking her off the allergy pill but I don’t think we can. I need to schedule another vet appointment to get her switched to an allergy shot. It’s always a fight with the pill. I’m not sure who hates it more, me or her!

I’ve taken on about 85% of a coworkers job when she left in November, and it’s proving to be a bit more than I thought it was. Overwhelming to say the least. I know I can do it. I was just left with next to no instructions and I hate feeling like I am failing. I got through one “cycle” of it, so I feel a bit better going into the next but I cannot wait til we have this position hired. However I will be the one to do the training. How do you train when you don’t really know what the hell you are doing!?

The holidays felt blah. I don’t know if it’s because I put up the decor early or what. I just wasn’t into it this year. I didn’t get to go to Dad’s Christmas. We got smacked with a bomb cyclone, followed by a blizzard and then polar vortex. Mother nature was like take that, and that and that. I came into work on Friday even though I was going to be off. As my ENT appointment was cancelled ude to the weather, but I left a bit early.

I went and sat with Aunt Joanne who was in the hospital – she has Influenza A. I came back again on Christmas Day, after I had all my Christmas stuff put away. I came back yesterday and took her back to her Assisted Living. I’ve heard her talk about Jim before… well, he was at the door waiting for her with a flower, a hug and a sweet forehead kiss. He started crying when he saw her. This might explain why she told me I needed a sweetie in my life. I think she’s got herself a boyfriend. My heart might have jumped up in my throat when I saw this and I might have wiped a tear or two away. I want that at 87!!

TikTok has made me happy and I’m leaving it at that for now, if you know you know.

I am glad to be back at work and into a routine. I tried to change out my seat on my Peloton the other night and somehow jacked it up that the connector piece just fell off, so I said fuck it and ordered another seat so here’s hoping this works, otherwise I am going to have to recruit help — and seems that I cannot find that lately.

I suppose back to the grind….

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