Sunday morning rambling.

This weekend was so productive and it’s just Sunday morning. A few weeks ago I put out a plea basically on social media begging for someone to connect me with someone who can help put in an electrical outlet down from a light switch in my front entry way.

A friend of the family saw it and offered his help. He also asked if there was anything else I needed done, so he replaced the drain stopper in my tub! It just so happened Mom and Joe were in the area and Joe and I got my pilot light lit on my fireplace, and it’s stayed lit. It sounds like the problem was I wasn’t holding it for a while to get the air out. I have no intention of turning it off going forward. So many little projects done that were annoying. All that is left is getting the bidet installed and Joe said he can do it next time they are up here!

I cannot wait to decorate the front entry shelf.

I had a huge Scentsy order come in last night… so I was up til about 10:30 getting it sorted. It was almost ALL wax, with the exception of two packs of bulbs. 32 pounds of wax, 148 bars! Crazy.

The West Liberty Holiday Open House is in 3 weeks, so I need to prep for that, and get some more ordering done for stock to have. Then two weeks after that is the North Liberty Vendor Fair that I have been doing for maybe 5 or 6 years. It’s the two big vendor events I do each year.

I broke my Christmas tree last year when I was putting it away… and I couldn’t find the same on [because it’s perfect for my space] after Christmas. The other night I looked and it was really on sale but I was almost asleep so I didn’t check out. Well the next morning the coupon didn’t work on it, they must have figured out the glitch. I just checked now and it’s on sale again; so I think I’ll grab it when I get paid on Tuesday. I still am torn on decorating for Christmas or not, but I really have enjoyed that this is MY house and I can. I feel more at ease decorating, even if no one comes over!

I am even more worried about Moxie this year, but I was telling my boss about how I missed the tree on sale the other night. I think I might get it, put it up [much like when I brought her home] without ornaments and put the collar on her and beep her when she gets close to train her [hopefully] to stay away until I get the ornaments on later in the month.

Okay.. off to get the day started…

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