A jumble of words.

I had a day off two Friday’s ago, and got all the cleaning done, it felt so good. Then as the weekend drew on my allergy cough was getting worse; I laid low most of the weekend but felt good about it because I had cleaned the whole house earlier.

Monday when I walked into work, the trek from the bus stop and into my office was pretty brutal. I could feel my lungs rattling. My boss insisted I go find a nurse [we are the department of nursing…] to give my lungs a listen. I did, and she could hear fluid in my lungs. She didn’t think I needed to go to the ER but definitely needed to be seen that day. I got a few more things done, covered lunch and went to Quick Care. Walking pneumonia it is. Antibiotics, and cough medicine. On Thursday I still wasn’t feeling any better. I took the afternoon off and slept.

I’ve kept it pretty low key this weekend. I met Mom, Joe and the kids at a park near my place, to let Moxie run and watched the kids play. Oddly the cool air felt good on my lungs. We went out to eat and I was done for the night.

I had a package delivered today so I got all the Scentsy orders packaged up and delivered them in my hometown. I’ve been pretty lazy since. I did clean up the kitchen and make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and got the kitchen cleaned up again after that, but here it is 8:15 and I’m contemplating crawling into bed.

I just can’t quite get my energy back, and this coughing is not fun. I did grab some Robitussin for tonight. When I crawl into bed is when it is the worst.

Money is a little tight, but I think it is that way for pretty much everyone. I need to do a little more shopping at Aldi. I do some grocery pick up from Wal-Mart; as much as I hate that place, their grocery pick up is decent. There are just some brands I will not skimp on, but I can get generic cream of chicken and such. I do check the prices with Target because they have some decent prices, too.

I’ve been doing a lot better at cooking at home, I really need to branch out on what I make. It’s just difficult cooking for one. And I suck at eating leftovers, unless it’s pot roast or chili.

I think it’s time to crawl into the bath and relax for the night.

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