It hasn’t been my week…

On Wednesday night the weird sound started again. I had texted the neighbors property manager he was a jerk about it. After he asked me about 4 times if my air conditioning was off, which I told him all 4 times it was off… he asked if he could talk to my landlord or property manager “because he would know what is going on” I reminded him again, that I have told him before, that I, Jessica a female own my place. He gave me this spiel about needing to get my AC serviced and to clean it. I told him it was serviced a few months prior and I had cleaned it last weekend, a mere 3 days prior. I finally gave up.

On Thursday, I had a neighbor friend come over and she was just as baffled as I was. I sent a message to my Uncle Chad who is a contractor… he was going out of town but could stop by on Monday. Friday night after work about 8pm it stopped.

I did buy myself some concert tickets to a show in Peoria a few weeks before my birthday at work on Friday… well, I bought two tickets, but will likely go alone. I wanted to see Ian Munsick when was the opener for Cody Johnson last March, but didn’t feel comfy going, then he was at the State Fair last month, but the timing didn’t work out with other people’s time off in my office… so I’m determined to see him.

Saturday night I struggled falling asleep, suddenly my nose was stuffed up, like nothing was coming out of my nose but just could not breathe. I think I fell asleep about 4. Mox got up about 7 so then I crawled back into bed and slept til 10:30… I lazed around on the couch and watched The Ranch, crawled back in bed and napped from 1:30-4, then was in bed by 9:30 last night.

This morning, Moxie got one of my expensive chapsticks… She was under the bed and trying to get anything from her under the bed she turns into devil dog. She bit me, again. This time I was able to grab her and lay her down and tell her no. I wasn’t worried about the chapstick being ruined as much as I was worried about her eating it…and another $500 vet bill for tummy troubles.

Sometime this weekend I took my ring off to wash my hands, do dishes, make food, or put lotion on something… and I cannot find it. I’ve gone through the trash [which is fucking fantastically gross] and checked all the places I would have set it when doing any of those things, and nothing. I’m hopeful I will find it, but dammit It was made from Grandma’s gold stuff, and some old jewelry of mine… it was my “grandma ring”

Today at work was just not fun. I told the boss that usually I like my job but I’m having a hard time keeping a positive attitude to continue to do my job. The copier had a fatal error and the repair guy who usually is there with in a few hours never even called; that set the tone before I even clocked in…

I am just so fucking over it. I tried to order cheesy breadsticks from Pizza Hut for supper, btu they don’t have them on the menu right now. I’m sure it’s supply chain things, but the Marco’s one sucked.

I think I’m going to zone back out this evening and watch The Ranch… cuz it’s what I’ve been watching. Late to the game, I know but I think I have a few seasons left. I’ll have it done by this weekend, probably. A few people at work have convinced me to start Yellowstone, but there are 5 seasons to watch… I don’t know if I can watch that many in two months.

Next week will be better, right?

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