For documentation sake

Driving to work yesterday morning, my usual route; there’s a road I drive about 10-12 blocks before turning left on. There’s usually a bus stopped a block into that left turn. About 5 block into the drive I had this weird de-ja-vu type feeling. I wasn’t hungry, slept well. I was just like eh, whatever. I was the first car behind the bus and had plenty of room.

There was a lady walking, had a ballcap on; she turned around and looked into my car she was a ways up but it seemed as though she locked eyes with me and held them there for a while. A split second I thought she was looking back to see that I stopped for the bus. When she looked back my stomach dropped. I’m 99% sure it was my bio Mom. It felt like the eye lock was forever, it was probably just a few seconds. She turned back and kept walking. She wouldn’t have seen the back of my car with my name on it [thanks to my Scentsy info] and she turned to walk right [the direction I know her house is] before the bus went on ahead.

I don’t really believe in all the woo-woo stuff, but that was odd and weird, and all the feelings.

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