A September update, I suppose.

I kind of needed a show to watch when all my other shows were on break for the summer, so I started The Ranch. Yes it’s a bit old… I am about halfway through season 4 [of 8, I believe]. I don’t know if I will have it finished before all the shows start back. In fact I’m certain I will not as some shows start back in a few weeks.

Moxie turned two last week…crazy to think she turned 2. I have said it a few times; since she was really sick in March, and I changed her food and I’m picky about her treats. She’s actually eating we’ve not had any tummy troubles. I wouldn’t say she’s a model dog… she’s still a ornery hellion, but she has calmed down, a tiny bit. I do think a fully belly is a contributing factor. She’s sleeping better at night, no accidents during the day. If she is going potty during the day it’s on the potty pad. I know many do not care for them, but it’s just me and her. I keep one by the front door, and it’s washable. She does very good at going on it and only it. It works for us.

I’ve gotten back into a groove with reading, I was kind of in a slump with that too. It feels good.

I took Tuesday off work. I had a hair appointment and booked Whit to do some photos. I’m not super excited for the photos as I don’t feel confident that they turned out well. I think next time we need to be back where there are buildings around vs nature. Hah! It was hot, too, so that doesn’t help any.

I’ve shown the neighbors place 6 times now. Part of me is hopeful to get it rented, so I can be done showing it for her, but part of me is okay with it being empty. Everyone I have shown it to is nice.

I need to get someone to my place to help me with some little odd jobs. I had someone come to give me an estimate but I’ve not heard back. I have a toilet that’s running, I think. I need the bulb thing-a-majig replaced. I have two extras in the garage. I bought a bidet late spring that I would like installed and I would like to have the drain twisty thing replaced in my tub. And I really want a damn outlet installed below a light switch. I don’t know why it’s so hard for a handyman to get back to me on this. One guy said “he doesn’t have the permits to do such work”. I wish I had a guy friend who could help but outta luck there, too.

I am in the market for a light up harness for Moxie — my street is a private road, so it’s dark. And it seems that you cannot go for a walk [or run] without being kidnapped and killed so… I need to do what I can to be safe. I have a light up collar. I have a harness ordered from Amazon but usually they are too big. We shall see. We live in a fucked up world.

It’s been and will be a crazy few weeks: September 1st, Moxie’s birthday, September 9th, I bought my house, September 11th, I celebrate 15 years of seizure freedom.

It’s 8:30, I’m yawning. I suppose it’s time to take Mox out and then settle in for the night!

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