Digital declutter

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to declutter my life, digitally. I started first by going to my Kindle (I use the app via my iPad) and went through books on there. I deleted all the books I’ve read that I have no intentions of reading again. On the kindle app it let’s you update books that may need it. I started with 550ish and I am down to 240. It feels good. A handful of them are Kindle Unlimited, which I have more than I will read checked out. I usually read only one book at a time. If I see an another has a few books in the series I am reading I will borrow them both so I have them “on deck”

I am really trying hard to go through my email and keep only what I need. There is something incredibly satisfying about deleting emails.

As far as pictures, I do well on my phone. I’ve been using an app called Get Sorted and you can go through each month and swipe one way or another. It’s very easy. I probably do it every few weeks and make it worth it. I just need to get better at backing up photos before I delete if I want to keep them as I’ve found I often wish I had that photo. Thankfully I can usually find them on Facebook or Instagram …

Although it’s not digital declutter I find myself going through closets or cupboards and pitching stuff. This weekend I straightened up my pantry… why the hell did I have Pop Tarts that expired in 2021 in there!?

I think tonight is going to be a dog park night; it’s not super oppressively hot and Moxie can stand to run off some energy! Plus she’s due for a bath so we will do that tonight after.

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