A swirl of thoughts and updates.

As usual, haven’t wrote in longer than I would like; and there are a million things to write about, it seems.

In May my job reclass was approved; same job, bigger title. This does not change what I do, everything is the same, mostly. This will help me later on down the road when it comes to finding a new job if I choose. My raise was broken down into two parts. Half of it was effective May 1, and the other half, effective July 1. That will be nice.

My big boss is retiring in about a month. I’m excited that my boss JN is assuming the big bosses’ roles in the interim. It will be a while before the position is filled as it’s a national search. We are guessing about a year. My direct boss is a few years from retirement and that’s fun for her, scary for me.. She started in fall of 2008 and I started the end of May 2008, so we’ve been together through her whole time here. She’s freaking amazing and her retiring is going to make me really sad.

It will be a few years before the new not-quite-NL hospital opens, but the construction is in the works. I’m on the fence of getting a position there or staying here. I think it will all very much depend on who replaces the two bosses. I guess time will tell. I think it would be nice to work so close to home. I say that as I work 12 miles from there now, but it’s at least a 45 minute commute in good weather!

It’s a weird time at work, I feel like I’m caught up but waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s almost “eval season” so there’s a lot that goes into that, behind the scenes that our office handles.

I had scabies for a few weeks after my Air B&B stay at the end of June… got the all clear from that. I do not wish it on anyone.

My Scentsy business feels blah. I am just not putting in what I should be, therefore not getting the outcomes I would like but it’s all on me. I just need to not scroll TikTok or YouTube and take 30 minutes each day and get shit done.

Moxie is doing great, after switching her food and limiting the kind of treats she gets we have not had any tummy troubles or puking. Saturday she has a vet appointment that’s just to do a few tests, but it’s just an appointment with a tech. I think she’s behaving a bit better, too. I think her being full and feeling good has helped. Don’t mix that with she’s still freaking ornery and spoiled.

My neighbor with the pup moved out in June, and she is renting her house. Last night I helped her and showed it. It was a very kind doctor, and he’s going to rent it. I really liked him. Plus, is it ever a bad thing to have an ER doctor as a neighbor!?

40 is fast approaching, and I’m torn between waiting to do something to celebrate, or not doing a damn thing at all. As much as I would love to say I could afford to celebrate in some way, realistic me is like yah right! Flights are outrageous, hotels are not cheap. The timing of my birthday isn’t ever great; this year it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Plus depending on what it was, I’d have to arrange for Moxie to stay somewhere.

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