Well, that’s not fun.

The entire time we were at our Air B&B in Kansas City, well, technically Overland Park I was sneezing. I opted for the room downstairs because I thought it would be cooler. The house was clean. But the downstairs was finished but older. I didn’t sleep very well. My allergies were acting up big time. When we would leave the sneezing stopped.

I itched the whole way home. I snapped a picture and sent the “rash / spots” to my allergy nurse and she said it looked like dust mite bites. Well, it’s been nearly two weeks and they haven’t stopped itching. All over, not in the same spots.

On Monday I just had this gut feeling to call my dermatologist. On my lunch, I called to see if I could get in just to get it looked at. It’s not getting any better and I needed some relief. I’d rather pay the copay and have them tell me it’s just something allergy / heat related vs something else. I was able to get in the next day, Tuesday [now yesterday] afternoon.

Appointment was at 3:45. I had pictures of the rashes in various places; which is hard to get. I almost cancelled the appointment because yesterday didn’t seem as bad, but I kept it anyways. I knew I would be pissed in a day or two if I was itching and unable to fall asleep and cancelled.

I am so glad I did. The nurse was amazing, and the doctor even more so. She came in, looked me over, looked with her magnifying glass light thing and said she suspected scabies. I was shocked, and disgusted. I looked up what I thought was everything. I knew it was from the Air B&B house/bed. She said she had to do some scraping to look under the scope and also a biopsy. The scraping was easy, the biopsy was no problem, it required 3 stitches, it’s a bit painful today. I will go back in 2 weeks to get them removed and find out the results. My pharmacy didn’t have the cream available last night. I wasn’t done until 5.

I will come home from work take a quick body shower, then slather myself neck down [but get behind my ears] and then keep this on until I shower the next morning. I will repeat this again a week later. I am hopeful this takes care of it. I have never felt so gross, nasty all the things.

I will have to change/wash my bedding every other night [once I do the treatment], and vacuum daily. I can’t soak in the bath and need to take warm showers vs hot ones.

Always trust your gut.

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