a day off and an appointment

I had an appointment at the pain clinic today at 11:30, so I decided to just take the day off.

Moxie and I woke up about 7:30 — sleeping in for us! I headed out to get my oil changed then swung into Target.

I was feeling a little bummed, in an odd way, that I wasn’t feeling much pain for my appointment. I had to have one more set of X-rays done, this time of my hips. It wasn’t long in the waiting room before I went back and the doc was in really quickly. I have never had a doctor listen to me, hear me, and also know my chart as well as he did. I had some concerns about the meds I was on, as they are also used as an anti-epileptic. He answered all the questions and said he would reach out to my neurologist [at a different healthcare system] to fill him on and work with him on this! They are safe for me to take, it’s if I ever stop taking them we would need to titrate down.

He said that continuing with PT every 3-4 weeks is great. That I can go back to riding the Peloton, but he doesn’t want me out of the saddle just yet. He told me yoga would be wonderful. I flat out asked him if my weight is an issue. He said it would definitely help and I explained that I half ass try but fail. He said he would gladly get me a referral to a medical weight loss doctor. He reassured me that she is not a surgeon and aims to do this all without surgery. Which I do not want to do. We talked about when to come back, and what to do. We talked about the keto / Atkins diets, and how its good in theory but in order to keep the weight off, you need to keep doing that and how finding something a bit more less drastic would be better long term. I walked out of there so empowered, confident and feeling amazing. Again, having stepping stones to to make the plan all come together is a great thing.

I did get a call this afternoon to set up the first consultation / meeting with the weight loss doctor – it’s in a few weeks; just virtually. I’m excited to see where it will go. It won’t hurt to learn.

I stopped for lunch on the way home, then Moxie and I took a little nap, as I had a headache that wasn’t going away! After we got up we headed out to the dog park; we were only there for 45 minutes, but she ran hard the whole time. She got a quick bath. I made some supper and have been watching a little TV.

She’s got a vet appointment tomorrow at 9:30 — unexpectedly, didn’t think we would get in this fast but they had a cancelation. She’s been licking her bottom and front legs like crazy, so I’m wondering if it’s allergies. I’d really like to think it’s not because of all we went through with Turbo and his allergies, but we shall see.

All in all, a perfect mix of productive and restful. I need to do this every so often.

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