Back pain…

I’m writing this here to merely keep track.

Thursday, April 14th – I was grabbing something from the left and bending down to put it on the right side. I even squatted but I knew something weird happened to my back. I immediately knew I tweaked it. I was already leaving early for acupuncture that I was giving a try. She worked on me for 2 hours, mostly focusing on my back.

Friday, April 15th – I had a vacation day scheduled and was to go get my hair done at 11:30. I texted the stylist to cancel, and went to Quick Care instead. I was given a script for muscle relaxers and spent the weekend doped up on muscle relaxers – they knock me out!

Sunday, April 17th – I was still having muscle spasms pretty regularly so I called the On-Call nurse and she suggested that I make an appointment with my doctor and be seen that the ER couldn’t do much for me. I picked up Mom and Joe from the airport, driving wasn’t too hard, so it worked.

Tuesday, April 19th – I was able to get into the doctor. I had my last acupuncture appointment, then went to my doctor. She prescribed me 500 mg Naproxen to help get the inflammation down, sent me to get an X-ray and told me I needed to start PT, and do that for a month before getting an MRI.

I wasn’t getting much relief with the meds.

Wednesday, April 20th – I got into the Chiro to get adjusted. It helped for a while I felt like I was able to get a breath after the adjustment

Thursday, April 2st – I got a massage in the evening.

Friday, April 22nd – I finally got the results of my X-ray; they said scoliosis [this is new to me] and moderate to severe arthritis. Nothing really definitive, still wishing for an MRI.

The weekend was pretty miserable, I didn’t do much.

Sunday, April 24th – I hadn’t slept most of the night, so at 6:30 I called the on-call nurse again, she said it was time to go into the ER. I drove myself to the ER and was seen. The doctor was a real dick, and basically said it’s sciatica and this is common as we get older, just need to let it run it’s course. But he wouldn’t do an MRI. I got a shot of Toradol which helped for the most of the day. He wouldn’t give me a shot for pain because I didn’t have a ride — even though I told him I would find someone to come get me. I did get a script for some pain pills, but even after calling 3 times, they were not ready til 7:47pm and the store was already closed.

I had a decent afternoon, not overdoing it, feeling okay from the shot.

Monday April 25th – Woke up and was back to square one, feeling terrible. I was pretty defeated. It took me 15 minutes to get my socks on, and I kept crying out of frustration. I got to Physical Therapy did all the paperwork and went back. The sweet PT asked me ‘what’s been going on” and I broke down crying. It was all coming to head and I just couldn’t contain the emotions. He was incredible and told me it was okay. He was quite certain by feeling my back [he was the only one who actually DID this aside from the Chiro] that it’s a bulging disc, if not herniated. We did some VERY basic PT, and he said we would only do two weeks vs a month then go for MRI.

The workday was pretty rotten, but I got home and was able to pick up the pain meds. I went to bed by 8:15 and slept through the night. The downside of the meds knocking me out is that I don’t move..

Tuesday, April 26th – Woke up feeling pretty bad again. I called Steindler Ortho Clinic for an appointment. Because I went to the ER they have to call me back after reviewing my charts. I am just over it. I’m bypassing my doctor with the hopes of getting in and getting something done.

I have had a few friends reach out and suggest to do the surgery. While I would like to avoid the surgery at this point I’m all for it just for some relief. Both people have said it was the best thing they did.

I just want a damn MRI so we can see what REALLY is going on… and work towards a solution.

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