Digital clean up and life.

I have been on this kick lately to clean up stuff digitally. When I was throwing a toy with Moxie I was organizing images / projects in my Canva account. I’ve been going through my Twitter [that I rarely use] and basically wiping it. I’m slowly working my way through Instagram. I’ve made it one year back on Facebook [only 15 left, hah!] But mostly I’m saving what photos I want to, naming them appropriately and deleting some useless posts. I had been doing okay with this when I look at the memories daily, but I’m just on a mission now.

In other news, my taxes are done, that’s a great feeling. I’m getting a little back this year, not much. I’m hopeful to chat with Luke this weekend and make a plan to get the lumber bought so he can help me build a wall of shelves in my garage. I still have a few small electrical things I’d like done but I cannot find anyone to help do them. It’s such a small job no electrical company wants to do them.

I really would like to save to have my whole house painted but mostly the hallway needs done and I don’t have the correct ladder to do it above my stairs. But I think that’s a next year thing, that I need to save a bit for that.

Things are going as usual at work. Some retirements, job changes all that happening that has me feeling a little uneasy but some of the retirements I’m okay with happening. Change isn’t always easy or welcome, but you just never know til you are on the other side of it. The unknown is a bit weird while it’s happening.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but my boss and I are working on reclassifying my position. The upside to this is up to a 10% raise. As much as I would love that, I’m not sure I will get that, but how awesome would that be! It’s a lot of paperwork, so much that I think I need to take it home over a weekend and work on it.

Moxie is getting a little stir crazy with being inside and not going on as many walks as we do when the weather is better. I love winter, but I do not like it for her. I’ve been sending her to doggy daycare a few times a month, but it adds up. I’m just ready to take her back to the dog park so she can run! But also so we can start going on walks again.

I haven’t been as consistent as I would like with my Peloton, but I just keep reminding myself something is better than nothing. I have been pretty good about not getting take out and eating / cooking more at home.

Basically, life is still boring and my house is ran by my pup!

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