A relaxing weekend!

I had a great weekend of no real plans, just some cleaning. And really it’s more just picking up / tidying up. Ever since the kitchen drain was clogged, I’ve been trying to be better at getting dishes cleaned up and in the dishwasher at the very least. That for some reason helps me keep the kitchen more tidy.

I didn’t do all of it at once, but I got it done! I got all my laundry done and put away, including washing the bedding. I even managed to take a nap both Saturday and Sunday.

Mom and Joe stopped up Sunday and brought lunch, and to hang out with me and Mox. But really, they just come up to see Moxie.

The weather is starting to warm up a bit, and the ice is melting off the sidewalk, so Moxie and I went on a walk around the block yestesterday. I think it’ll be in the 40’s tomorrow! Spring is the worst season, because of the rain and mud, so I’m not looking forward to that, but I’m ready to take Moxie on longer walks, so she can run off some energy!

I am supposed to be getting my last IKEA delivery tomorrow – my desk drawers. I cannot wait to get them, and put them together so I can get my office in order. I’m feeling a bit out of sorts. I haven’t gotten a text about the delivery, so I’m hopeful it’s still on for tomorrow.

I saw a few weeks ago someone had the most perfect looking cookie and asked what their secret was. They said they used Crisco [regular not the butter flavored]. I had heard of this but never tried it. Well, the dough looked amazing, but it didn’t taste as great. The cookies were flat blobs. The edges were crispy but the inside was gooey. I couldn’t get them off the pan very well. I am glad I only made two pans full. I will be pitching the dough tonight. I was so over it I didn’t bother last night. They didn’t taste the same either.

I have wanted to get a facial and learn how to properly care for my skin so I have one booked for this weekend and I am excited. I went to a dermatologist a few months ago and everything is looking good in that aspect, but now I want to focus on my face. I was on Accutane as a middle schooler and it did wonders for my acne, but now I just need to learn the proper things to use / methods for my face as I’m getting older.

I have almost got my tax prep done. I feel like I am forgetting something, so I haven’t sent the tax guy an email to say “everything is in the folder”. I love being able to submit everything electronically!

Today was a good day at work. I was able to pick out from resumes who we want to hire as our new student, and set up the interview. I have not really ever had a “supervisor” type role here but this made me feel good.

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