It’s already the end of the month…

Another month has come and almost gone. It’s crazy how during the day or even week it seems to drag then all the sudden it’s the 28th.

I was able to get the kitchen sink drain fixed; just needed to be cleared out with the auger. My whole home humidifier that I thought wasn’t working, actually was, but I just needed to turn a valve on a bit more than it was. I noticed the valve, however it wasn’t as close to the humidifier part as I liked, so I was nervous to turn it on / open it up more for fear of messing up something, and I didn’t want to jack up the furnace in the dead of winter. Even though I keep my house a bit cooler than most, I still do need a little heat!

I started writing this yesterday and then my lunch break was over. I have today off to get some things done. I originally scheduled a vacation day so I could go to Minneapolis for a 1-day Scentsy training on Saturday, I was going to go up early and hang with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, then meet up with a Scentsy friend who was coming down from Canada. But we decided to cancel the in person due to the variant and not feeling safe enough to go, it wasn’t long after that the event turned all virtual. But I kept the day off anyways. I had checked with the boss about it all. I feel a little guilty with being so short at work, but she said we all deserve a day off.

I’m slowly getting my office updated / redone. I went the Ikea route… and today is the second delivery of items. The first time I got a steal on delivery it was like $30. Today and the one in a few weeks is $50 I think, but I still can’t make a trip out and back for that with gas, so I opted for that. Today the desktop and legs that are coming. I need to work on clearing off my desk and getting it all ready. In a week and a half the desk drawers will be here, then it will be complete. All matching, all the same height. Mom is going to take my old desk. I’m selling the old bookshelf. I just need a little more desktop space and this will give me the L-shaped desk I had been wanting. I just need to find a printer stand and good to go!

I have a Target drive up order to pick up, I need to run some cardboard to the recycle center, but that might be tomorrow morning. I need to go get my glasses adjusted [but kind of doing this around the 9-1 window for the Ikea delivery.] They will bring it UP to my office and the table tops are heavy I assume.

Moxie is going to doggy daycare at 12:30 for the afternoon to run off some energy and so I can build this desk without her in my business!

I suppose… better get to getting things done! I’d love to have my desk together before I pick up Moxie by 6 tonight!

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