a week from hell.

Just as the title suggests – it has been a week from hell. Monday and Tuesday were just terrible at work. This surge is running us all ragged. I realize I am not in direct patient care but I directly support those who do work in patient care; and it’s tough. We are tired, exhausted. Rules are changing. Staff are testing positive.

We are short in our office, down a full time employee, so we’ve got someone covering that position and doing her job on top of that in the other office. We haven’t had a student since Thanksgiving. And as you can imagine all the notes / signs are needing to be printed / laminated / distributed.

And all while there are still major delays, backorders, shortages – so people are getting upset at our office / me about why they don’t have x that they ordered in October…

I probably have some details wrong but here’s how my week has gone so far:

Jan 10: Monday I called to schedule to have my whole home humidifier looked at. Thankfully my ecobee smart thermostat tells me the humidity in the house and my boss asked me about it last week and we were like yah that seems low. I went out to check over the weekend. I have a friend who works for the company that installed it – it’s on winter mode, and set at 45% but the appears to be no water; so I have this appointment scheduled for Monday the 17th – as I’m off for MLK day.

I decided to try and sell my Cody Johnson tickets – show is March 18th – but at this point it didn’t seem like I would feel safe going.

Jan 11th: People were testing positive at work, people I worked with but luckily didn’t have contact with, as the day went on I felt more and more defeated. I had been cutting out my afternoon Pepsi so I had this terrible headache and was super paranoid that I had Covid. I was in bed at 8:30, asleep by 9, and up at 6:30, sleep did me good! Last minute I decided to book Moxie at doggy day care to run off some energy, it had been a month since I had taken her. Of course it was after hours so I had to wait til the next day to find out if we were in they only allow so many per day.

Jan 12th: Moxie was able to go to doggy day care! I went into work late, as I had my post-op appointment, all is good there. I had just sat down at my desk and Mom called, she doesn’t call often, especially when I’m at work. She called to tell me that she just heard my cousin Brad passed away from a massive heart attack. He was 49. I’m so glad we had Christmas together just three weeks ago.

That evening I get home and I was going to clean up the kitchen and make supper and I notice the sink isn’t draining… nope it’s clogged. I tried to plunge it, nothing. Need a plumber

Jan 13th: Wake up to my Ring Doorbell telling me there was a person detected at 11:22-11:28 at my front door, at first I thought nothing of it, probably the neighbor letting her pup out, so I go look at it. two videos of someone coming up to my door, looking in the sidelight window, walking away, second video he comes back and opens the screen door and tries to open my thankfully locked front door. I eventually reported this after I got to work. A few people told me I was over reacting, he looks like has the wrong house. Maybe, but he has his sleeves over his hands and I’m single, live alone on a street with no street lights. Let me decide for myself if I want to be creeped out by it or not. I called the police and reported it, shared it on the NextDoor app [which I’ve been told is being shared in the city momma’s group]

Tried to fix the sink with Draino, baking soda and vinegar, nothing worked. It was at one point drained completely and I got all the gross shit out.

Jan 14th: Called two plumbers, both said it’s not a plumber issue. Whew knew!? The third place I called comes out on Saturday’s “emergently” at double the cost, so they are scheduled to come out Monday.

I have all the appointments on Monday, but I suppose get it all done.

Moxie is getting groomed at 9, furnace company coming to work on the humidifier at 1:30 and the sink people are coming between 1-2.

Last month I had Moxie groomed – yes at PetSmart [this is my problem, I know, convenience, all other places are booked forever!] I paid $76 and some change and they did around her face and bottom but I swear they did not take any length off her, and I’m not sure they did in November, either. She’s so mated that I am going to have her shaved, thankfully at the place in my hometown and I will get on a regular schedule there after she grows back a bit.

My neighbor is going to be working this weekend but she said I could come over and do my dishes, which I think I would prefer vs in my tub. I want to be able to make some things at home, so I need to be strategic about that. I’m still gonna work on the spare room and office – which is mostly done but still need a few things done.

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