I had New Year’s Eve off, so I spent it cleaning out, purging and reorganizing my linen closet and both bathroom cupboards. I got caught up on laundry, and it’s mostly all put away.

I puppysat for my friend Kelsi, her pup Raleigh came about 3 and stayed the night. We were all asleep by 10:45. He was picked up by 9:30 or so. Moxie and I got back to cleaning and organizing. It was a pretty productive long weekend.

I was anticipating an IKEA delivery today, so I got my shelf cleaned off in my office and assembled the new shelf from IKEA. I have worked on slowly getting the new shelf loaded – it will take a bit. I would like to say the rest of the delivery will be here 1/28, but the drawer unit will not ship. It might end up that I just make a little solo trip to IKEA some Saturday… I can make due without.

Slowly this office will be what I want it, vs mismatched stuff. I just wish I would have done this in the first place. Today feels like another Sunday, even though I had a very productive day at work yesterday. Hardly anyone was there — and I was the only one in the office!

No real big plans other than getting Moxie groomed this weekend. I was hoping to get her into the groomer in my hometown, but they haven’t gotten back to me, so I’ve got an appointment up here. She’s getting buzzed. Her curls are getting a bit matted. I’ve already researched it extensively. Because she wears a coat [and well] she will be warm enough outside. I will do better with the timing next winter and have her buzzed in late November.

It still doesn’t feel like January, timing wise. Weather wise, spot on. We had a bunch of snow over the weekend and tonight it’s supposed to get stupid cold.

I have been catching up on TV show’s that I usually binge… so I caught up on Sister Wives and have slowly made my way through Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville, and now onto Season 3… train wreck shows ya know? Stuff I can watch on my computer while doing some Scentsy work and it works out well!

I just wish my office was done, NOW. Getting a bit impatient. I wasn’t super impatient about it but now that the bookshelf thing is here, and the other stuff will be here at the end of the month, I just keep looking at this corner that’s the catch all and I’m over it. Like maybe I need to make the trek to IKEA sometime before the end of the month!

Wow this is a rambly bunch of nothin’… signing off! v

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