A year in books

I have been on Goodreads since Spring of 2009. I have set a goal and met or exceeded the challenge every year except 3:
2011 – wanted to read 40, read 26. 2014 – wanted to read 100, read 92. 2016 – wanted to read 49, read 48 .

I am not ever disappointed in how much I’ve read, but this year seems a bit blah. Especially compared to 104 in 2020, 114 in 2019, and 125 in 2018. I know I read quite a bit compared to most people. I have some friends who also read a shit ton.

I think combined with the puppy, making the house mine [which I know with help, I feel like I’ve done a lot] and getting sucked into TikTok… I’ve just not read as much as I usually do. I must say, I’ve kept a streak of reading for 176 weeks in a row [which is how long since Kindle started “reading insights”] but also the streak of 312 days in a row — which would be longer. I missed one day in February 2021, otherwise it went back as far as December 2020. This year I was taking a week or two to read one book, which is unheard of, usually I can fly through a few books a week, sometimes more.

But it’s all good. I will set a new, achievable goal for 2022. I have gotten into a pretty good groove of sleeping, and getting good sleep, so I feel like the 30-45 minutes between the pill and snoozing is when I do the bulk of my reading, and it doesn’t make for much progress.

I have some downtime this holiday weekend. Today is our last day of work, so that’s nice. I have a get together Thursday and Friday for supper, and nothing on Christmas day, and then something the 26th in the afternoon. I’m guessing I’ll use Christmas day to get all of my holiday decor down and put away.

Shawn is staying at my place on Sunday evening, so I might wrangle her into helping me hang a few things! One is a piece of wall art that fell when I had Luke help me hang it. We used a command hook, just hoping it would work, and it needs a nail. Which is fine. I don’t intend on removing and replacing this often, or even at all.

In regards to my healing after surgery. I’m feeling pretty good. My scars are itchy, but they look real good. I don’t intend on wearing a bikini or flashing my tummy but I do plan on using scar cream on the scars in a week or so when I’m able to do so! The bruising is still hanging around but getting more yellow.

My stomach just feels tight, kind of bloated. I do notice I’m not able to eat as much as I used to. It could be situational, but I’m not pushing it. It feels bad when I eat too much. Now I just need to focus on not eating all the damn sweets and do better food choice wise.

I really want to get back on my Peloton. I think she said a week to 10 days. She did say she preferred I not get out of the saddle, so just sitting down and go with what my body feels. Maybe tonight I’ll try a low-impact 10 minute ride. Worst case… I get on, and it doesn’t feel good and I stop.

It’s going to be weird to have tomorrow off, with no plans ’til the evening. But I had a friend ask me to make him some Oreo balls, so I will do that… and maybe take a nap HAH! I think if the weather is decent I’ll take Moxie to the dog park.

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