5 days post surgery

Today is my last day home before going back to work. In fact, the boss messaged she’s sorry for what is waiting for me. I am trying to log in and work a little from home [I am feeling up to it, so it will be okay] but I am struggling to get logged in.

Saturday night was the last night I took the pain meds, I probably took them one full day longer than needed. I was only taking twice a day, but yesterday I went without.

Mom was up in the morning and helped with the leaves at my front door from the now, declared December Derecho. Twice in 18 months, crazy! We got two big bags full. I mostly just held the bag while she scooped it up with my snow shovel! I did a little sweeping but we got it! Very little effort.

I am still feeling a bit bloated still. My incision sites are staring to get itchy. I am able to sleep on my sides, for the most part. I’m pretty bruised up but overall feeling good. Just really tired. I’m shocked at how much I am sleeping. Yesterday I took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Last night I went to bed about 10 and slept til 8!

My goal today is no nap, just so I can prepare for being in the office all day tomorrow. Though my boss has made it known if I’m not feeling so hot as the day goes on, I can leave early. But I’m thinking I can make it through.

I picked up a few things this morning from Fareway to make some Christmas cookies. I already did some chex mix, and have the Oreos done in the food processor to make Oreo balls. I think I’ll make some peanut butter star cookies this afternoon too. Just feeling festive!

I might get a load of laundry done today. I have to go get my allergy shots — new vial. All in all I’m not trying to push myself, but also keep myself occupied so I don’t nap!

Moxie has been the absolute best. She has been the best cuddle buddy, but that’s normal! She’s been extra loving. I have mentioned to a few people, I’m so impressed with her just “knowing”. She does quite well playing on her own and kept herself busy. She does get the zoomies most evenings, and has done very well with shortened walks.

I am very much a homebody, but being forced to stay home is a whole other thing! I was getting a bit lonely, and maybe even a bit emotional. I am chalking that up to coming off the pain pills and the hormones that might be floating around due to the IUD removal? I’m totally speculating. But I am glad to go back to work tomorrow, and venture out for my allergy shots today.

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