Surgery yesterday

Surgery was yesterday! Bilateral Salpingectomy – removal of my fallopian tubes! I also had my UID removed.

We got there at 7:45 as requested and surgery was to be at 9:00, but I was walking back to the OR by 8:15! I laid on the table, they stuck a few monitors on me to watch my heart, put the oxygen mask over me and the anesthesiologist side she pushed some medicine and I was out. No counting, nothing! Woke up in the recovery room, cold and shivering.

I remember talking to the nurse, I asked “are we done” she said yes and I mumbled something about “no wombmates for me” She asked if I wanted anything graham crackers, cheese, applesauce I told her I wanted a new puppy and a steak. It wasn’t too long and I was rolled out of the recovery room and into a chair in the discharge room. I got a Pepsi and it was glorious! I was up from 2:30-5 just before surgery starving! I bit my lip and have a huge fat lip, and it’s quite annoying!

I had to pee before I left and did that pretty quick. Mom and I called in food on the way home and picked it up by my house and got settled in. I was feeling decent, just really sore. My boss brought over snacks and a meal for me to bake later, and then about 1:30 mom left and I had sunk into the recliner with a Percocet and slept a few hours.

We had terrible storms coming our way so I got Moxie’s meds in here [to calm her!] and I hunkered in the bathroom for a bit, about 9:30 I went up to bed. I probably waited a little too long to take he Percocet again but I wanted to be coherent for the storms.

I was feeling pretty sore, and a bit violated [IUD removal is a bit cramp and blah feeling] but I slept through til about 6:30 this morning. I only got up once to go potty.

Feeling like I was hit by a truck and 20 people are boxing in my stomach. I wasn’t planning on taking any more pain pills but I think I will today. Moxie has been great, a little more clingy than usual. She’s a bit interested in my stomach, it must smell a different way.

I took off the patch that helps with the anesthesia this morning, and I can take my bandages off and shower, which I might do later. I know it will be slow moving and wear me out, but I will get it done.

I probably need to eat a little something for some breakfast, to help with some energy. I’m just so bloated feeling..

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