All the things

I have my house decorated for Christmas and I love it. I’ve wrapped my back deck in red / white lights and it looks pretty great! I have a tree on my front door stoop. My tree is up inside, has been since the begging of November.

For my birthday I wanted my family to come and have a meal at my house. We had ham, turkey, cheesy potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls and I got an ice cream cake! I was nice. While everyone was there, the kids decorated my tree for me. Amzie put window cling snowflakes on my front window. Luke and Joe helped me hang some wall decor, with the help of Jill’s keen eye for decor! We did this a week before my birthday because I had plans the weekend before.

The next weekend was the West Liberty Holiday Open House. This year I was not in m usual spot [at Keele’s Law Office] but down at the fairgrounds, my turn out was not as what is usually is. I am hopeful that next year I can go back to my normal spot!

The next week was Thanksgiving and we finally got to gather again. We had Brophy Thanksgiving for lunch and I was off the rest of the week with no plans! I The place I get massages at had an opening on Thanksgiving day, so I took that appointment! I spent the rest of the break / weekend getting stuff done around my house. Organizing, cleaning, all the things.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a Peloton bike and had mentioned to Luke I was thinking about it. A friend of his has one and was willing to sell it. so I got a helluva deal on it, so Luke loaded it up and brought it up Thanksgiving weekend.

I took yesterday off. I had an appointment in the afternoon so I decided to get all my errands ran. A trip to West Liberty to deliver a lot of Scentsy, drove home through Iowa City for a delivery, a Costco, and Aldi run. I headed home to let Moxie out and headed into my appointment. I had to get gas and make a few stops on the way home. It was damn near 5pm before I got home.

I had to do a little Scentsy work in my office for a bit.

I waited until last night to set up my Peloton, because I’m a nerd and wanted the membership to start on the 1st. I followed along with how to get it set up – seat height and such, learned how to clip in and out – which was a bit weird at first but after trying it a few times it was pretty easy! I did the beginner ride that popped up – it was 20 minutes and it went well. I stupidly let Moxie be in the room [it’s in my spare room] and she got into something on the bed — still doing a little organizing / vendor event prep so things aren’t all put away yet… So I had to clip out and get it away from her.

I have said over and over I only plan on doing it 3/week. I have to say my bottom is a bit sore – I need to figure out the seat a bit more. I think I’ll try another tonight because I know Friday night and Saturday are busy with getting prepped for the vendor event very early Saturday morning.

And to kick start my coming back to work after a day off as I pulled into the parking lot I looked over to my passenger seat and was like uhh, where’s my backpack!? Yep! Today was a doggy daycare, day so Moxie was way too excited I got her out in the car and forgot to open the entry way door and grab my backpack. So I’m without my badge [that I scan to buy food] and my wallet. Thankfully I could borrow $20 from the boss and Venmo her so I could grab lunch.

I’m guessing this headache I have is due to not having a Pepsi until about 11:45!

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