Covid Booster + Holiday Decorating

I got my Covid booster on Thursday, and by the afternoon I started to feel like junk. As the night wore on I felt even worse. I picked up some Mexican food, but wasn’t super hungry. I went to sleep at 8:30 and slept through the night. I got up and felt blah but in true form, I decided to go to work and was on the Cambus in to the hospital from my parking lot and knew I shouldn’t have gone in. I grabbed breakfast [that I didn’t eat…] got a few things done that needed to be done on Friday. I left work by a little after 9. I finally was a little hungry so I made some early lunch and then crawled in bed.

I slept for a few hours… and then was pretty lazy the rest of the day.

I have been itching to decorate for Christmas. Last year I really enjoyed getting to decorate. I don’t have many visitors, but I do it for me. I enjoy it. The tree went up early last year [on Halloween!] because I brought Mox home and I wanted it to be there already and not scare her. She was a pretty timid puppy so I didn’t have to worry much last year.

I gave in to the itch, and put the tree up, no ornaments yet; and the stockings. As the weekend has gone on I have done a few things, the wreath is on the front door. I have the deck lights strung [except a few strands needed to finish it, picked ’em up tonight!]

I have some little knickknack decor things. I decided to do a mostly red / gold / silver / snowman theme. Its not super put together, but I wanted to pick a few things to focus on when it came to buying decor. I have a few holiday blankets, Moxie keeps one upstairs and she uses it all the time but this plaid one, I had put away for a while. I grabbed it [upstairs] and she was all over it when I brought down she rolled around in it, dragged it around, She just laid on it and watched the fire.

I will finish up the deck lights tomorrow. I will pull out the holiday Scentsy warmers and swap some out tomorrow. I’m not sure I will put the ornaments on right away… but eventually.

It’s fun decorating within my budget and making this house my own.

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