Went to the gyno today. It’s always reassuring when you feel comfortable with your provider(s). Not just in a you are doing my medical stuff, but comfortable enough to talk about things that might be a little hard to talk about.

Before my exam, we talked about my wanting to have a uterine ablation, and be done with my IUD. I’m a few weeks shy of 39 and know 100% that I do not want kids of my own. The ship has sailed. I have a few things against me in that I would be high risk already, not even factoring in my age. It’s just not medically wise to get pregnant, or chance it.

That was knocked down, because of my age and she said that sometimes it needs to be redone that we could address it at 45. She did say that I could get a tubal ligation [aka, get my tubes tied]. She explained that I would go back to having a cycle, but aside from a hysterectomy it’s the most effective birth control. We talked about how it could potentially help with the weight, as I’ve gained about 85 pounds since getting my first IUD back when I was 25. I realize that a lot of factors go into this, I am no longer managing a bar and grill and on my feet 10 hours a day and work a very sedentary desk job. We did discuss that my seizure meds are likely to count for some of the weight gain. She obviously cannot say that I will lose weight, but it’s a possibility. I have been one of the very lucky ones who throughout time in having an IUD [I’ve had 4] that I have never had a cycle.

So starting that over again doesn’t seem like the most fun, but a damn near permanent sterilization, and one less “medicine” in me seems a bit more ideal. I know that I will likely be on my meds for seizures for the rest of my life, and allergy meds, likely as well. But if I can omit any, I’m happy to do so!

I’m waiting for a message back from my insurance to see about the out of pocket cost. My benefits open enrollment starts November 1st, and I need to adjust my flex spend anyways so I’ll make sure it’s adjusted accordingly. I’m hopeful to call and schedule to have this done sometime in January. She said I’d need a couple of days to recover. Ideally I’d like to have it done on a Wednesday then go back to work on Monday giving me a weekend buffer.

I also chatted with her about another mamogram and possible ultrasound due to having dense breast tissue but she pulled up my info on that and said she didn’t see a need, even with not knowing my family medical history. I love that she doesn’t make me feel paranoid or like a hypochondriac when I ask about extra screenings due to not knowing my history she validates me.

I will check with my general practice doctor in May, where we will likely schedule the oh-so-fun colonoscopy. This is one I am dreading but also a bit more aware of due to losing my good friend Clint to colorectal cancer earlier this year. He had just turned 40 when he passed but was diagnosed a few years prior.

So now I’m on a mission to find a snarky Team No Kids shirt or something along the lines to wear for when I walk into the surgery, because well… it’s very me!

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