Regaining back confidence in my Scentsy business

I have not been the best in working my business as a business the last probably 3 years. I got caught up in the busyness that is work, then deciding to buy a house, pack and move, getting a puppy. I have all the excuses. But really I just need to do the damn things.

What it comes down to is I haven’t put in the time. Direct sales businesses get a bad rap, especially lately with a recent docuseries on a different company. And it comes down to you get out of it what you put in.

I have an AMAZING support system within my business. I talk someone above me in my Scentsy world probably 4 times a day, thank you Marco Polo app. On top of that I have a handful of great friends who we chat in our FB group, or Marco Polo, text. I can share ideas, ask for help and get respectful constructive criticism back when I ask! We have monthly meetings for our big group, and I learn so much! We have a monthly worknight within our Team that’s nice to chit chat but also get things done too.

I have time to work my business, it’s just naming what I need to do and following through with it. I get so caught up in that it has to be perfect to move forward. I am reminded quite often by many that “done is better than perfect”

I am a party of one + pup. I have a 1600 square foot 3 bedroom, 3 bath house. I realize this is a lot of house for just me and Mox but its perfect for me. I am admitting defeat that it takes me FAR longer to do all the cleaning than the cleaning lady and my time is very much worth something. I wrestled with this idea for a while, but finally settled on having her come monthly; and just do the main floor and bathrooms, then every three months do the bedrooms / office, too.

I have started this thing where I divvy out the domestic stuff throughout the week. Separating out specific loads of laundry vs cramming it all to be done Sunday evening. This is something I need to carryout with my Scentsy business. I need to not overcomplicate things on it. My customers do not care if their thank you isn’t perfect. They don’t expect them, but it’s my expectation to include a little something for my customers. But I also need to work on batching some things, and being consistent with that.

I am making this commitment to myself and my customers to put forth more effort. I am hoping to have 2022 be a year of growth for my business.

This week — I am closing out an order and kind of wanted to hit a certain point — but I was far from it. I reached out to people that hadn’t ordered in a while. It’s hard because I don’t want to bug them, but I realized that I’m sending a text or FB message – I’m not calling and interrupting. It’s on them when they check and reply. I beat that goal and blew out out of the water because everyone said yes, and had an order. I need to stop being a pansy and not be afraid to ask and follow up. Today was great for the confidence!

If you are a customer and read this; I am so thankful that you are still a customer.

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