A day off and other random things

I took last Friday off for me. Not for a service person coming to do something at my house, not for anything other than some self care! I had a hair appointment followed by a photoshoot for some updated headshots for Scentsy [and maybe some Christmas cards]

I dropped Moxie off at doggy daycare and took off. It’s always amazing to visit with my hair stylist. I came home, picked up Moxie and then we met up with a friend for some headshots. I shouldn’t have messed with my hair but I did; so here’s hoping when I get the photos back they will be something I will be happy with, but you know we are our own worst critics!

I spent the weekend being so lazy. I had this idea last week that I needed to divide up my household chores throughout the week vs doing it all on the weekend. So I kind of did get caught up but it’s been nice to do one or two things after work and make progress.

I had a cleaning lady come when I was in Florida and it was glorious and the price was super affordable. I vowed I would have her come every 3 months but I think I’m going to see about her coming every month. I don’t need my spare room and office done all the time, I was kind of thinking about asking about maybe her doing bathrooms and main floor monthly, then every other or even every 3 months do the bedrooms and such. So I could likely save a little money.

I was texting with my Mom about this – time costs too. And if I can make room in my budget for it, then I’ll do it. Happiness matters. And it could give me more time to focus on my Scentsy business which has been lacking so much lately.

At our HOA meeting last month they were looking for one more person to be on the board, so I agreed. I’m home often, and I want to see what is happening in the neighborhood. Last night we had a board meeting and I was excited to hear that as a board member, we get $20 off our monthly HOA dues! And going back on the cleaning lady thing, I could afford to have her come 3 times at full price with the savings on the HOA! That’s not with a tip but that’s a nice little bonus!

I finally have all my medical appointments that I intended on schedule, scheduled. The last one was a gyno appointment. I’m hopeful that I can have a conversation about potentially getting a uterine ablation. I’m a year [and 2 weeks] shy of 40. I have no medical need for a hysterectomy but dammit I don’t want kids and I would like to make a more permanent choice in this. I’m hopeful that between the gyno and my neurologist [appointments are 4 days apart] we can figure out a plan for the wonderfulness that is women’s hormones and dealing with potential seizures. Because that’s a big concern I have. More to come in a few weeks at these appointments.

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