My childhood home just sold.

The house my Mom and Dad built, and brought both Luke and I home in, sold. Mom obviously moved out before she and Dad divorced. Dad sold it to a couple we’ll call P&J in 1991, for 90k. Tomorrow it’s closing for 475k!

We still very much know this family and they allowed Mom to go out and look at it. I looked up the listing online. Not much has changed. Same linoleum in the kitchen, same cupboards, same fireplace, many many familiar things that haven’t been updated in 30 years since we moved out.

The wood on the ceiling my Mom stained. The fireplace Mom and my Grandpa Gib did. The fireplace that is’ the spot of all the photos we had there.

I didn’t expect to get emotional looking at the pictures but I’m fighting tears at my desk. Luke, Mom and I are all texting about it. And I think what it comes down to is, we had ONLY happy memories at that house. Sure Luke and I weren’t old enough to know even that our parents were divorcing but we had Dad to ourselves there. Many happy memories. In looking at old pictures, seeing me in certain places and then seeing in the photos on the relator site and I’m like gobsmacked with emotions.

Mom said when P invited her out, before she went out they got to crying about it. Small towns, man. There are some good people that just understand.

The weirdest thing is seeing the propane tank in the front. We crawled and played on that damn thing. I just have all the emotions.

RR2 Box 66. That’s not the address anymore but it will always be my first home. Thank you for the amazing memories and I’m glad I got to “see” it again. If you know me personally and the house – find me and I’ll send you the link if you want!

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